Matt and Karriann leave you wanting nothing at the table. Fresh food everywhere. I love cooking and the competition pushed me to the next level. I have to say that Karriann’s skills rival Matt’s.  I can’t wait to see them and have another cooking challenge. A great time.

~Ethan and Amber (Wisconsin)

You two should have your own restaurant! Fabulous dinner last night! We both were so impressed with all of the delicious entrees…from the moist turkey to the oyster stuffing (OMG) …not to mention the cranberry sauce! My Matt is still talking about the cheesecake that mad him want to sneak over to your house for another slice! Wonderful! Thanks again for having us…anytime you need a taste tester…we both are there!!!

~ Matt and Ann Dillon (Key West)

For several years my husband and I enjoyed living right across the street from Matt and Karriann. With a young and growing family, our priorities shifted and instead of “going out” we focused on “staying in”.

Food has always been a passion of mine and we spent many evenings with Matt and Karriann preparing amazing cuisine. These two are quite a team! From classic recipes to new creations, they tried it all! The focus was on healthy, fresh foods and quality ingredients. A visit to the local farmer’s market often determined the menu.

I am looking forward to following them on Creative Cooking Corner to picking up tips and new recipes.

~ Anna Bell (Wisconsin)


Matt and Karriann are awesome chefs – okay, one chef and one Sioux chef!  They have so much fun cooking together and I’ve been fortunate enough to share that experience several times!  One of my favorite has to be the skillet lasagna!  But I’d have to say Thanksgiving dinner was awesome too – oooh, that stuffing, those green beans, and OMG those potatoes – not to mention the perfectly cooked turkey!

I can’t wait for my next experience with this fun couple!

I don’t have a food picture, but I wish I did to help me remember these great times even more!

~ Julie Abraham (Long Beach California)


When I think of sending time with Matt and Karriann I always think about the YUMMY meals, beverages and great times we shared. There is something to be said of great food and great company.

Matt & Karriann LOVE to create innovative meals, snacks, desserts and beverages. They are as great a team in the kitchen as they are in their marriage. Every meal is prepared with great knowledge of the different fruits, nuts, spices, vegetables, meats, fish, grains and how they come together to create the best taste on your palate.

From the grilled romaine lettuce hearts to the killer Triple Chocolate chip cookies Matt and Karriann make cooking fun, easy and delicious. Their renditions of classic munchies like Black Bean Dip, Salsa & Guacamole, or even Strawberry margaritas are never boring and always TASTY! And now with the summer season upon us I look forward to their Creative Cooking Website so I can whip up all those tasty treats for my friends and family!

~ Harold Fox (New Jersey)

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