Grains: Try Some For Variety

How often do you eat plain old rice (white or brown) with that piece of fish or chicken to have a healthy meal? If you’re like most people, it’s probably pretty often. Well, I’m here to tell you to stop eating so much rice (especially the white variety). There are a world of grains out […]

Quinoa: The New Super Grain

The real question is “What is Quinoa”? If you’ve never had quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is not really a grain, but actually a seed, and it’s cultivated in South America, where it’s a staple product. Quinoa is trending lately as one of the new super grains. Cooking quinoa is simple its just like cooking rice, but […]

Quinoa Salad Recipes: Quinoa Black Bean Salad

Quinoa is pronounced Keen-wah its a grain that has double the protein power and has great anti aging health benefits. Quinoa does not contain gluten so it is perfect for a gluten free lifestyle. Ingredients ½ cup quinoa, rinsed thoroughly 1-cup water or chicken stock 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1/8 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons […]

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