Social Media, Apps and Food: The Low Down

There are many different trends in the food world these days. Gluten free. Meatless Mondays. Food Trucks. Local food. But probably none are as exciting or as high tech as social media sites, or mobile apps. Keep reading to get to the scoop on how these things can work for you to get them most […]

Kitchen Aid Food Processor

While I enjoy cooking and for the most part find the act of chopping and shredding and grating therapeutic, sometimes I just want to make my life easier. That’s where this food processor comes in. Let me tell you a few things I love about this product: First of all, it has everything you can […]

Okra Sauteed with Bacon

Recently I visited my farmers market and they had fresh okra.  Now let me just tell you that I have never had okra before unless it was possibly hidden in gumbo.  So my husband and I decided we were going to be open minded to try something new.  We bought a carton of the okra […]

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