Cookie Exchange: What is a Cookie Exchange?

Have you considered hosting a Cookie Exchange with Christmas almost here? You may be wondering what kind of fun filled activities you can get together that don’t require alcohol fueled parties and planning big meals. Everyone loves Christmas cookies this time of year, and while many people even love baking different varieties, for some people […]

What is Artisan Bread?

So what is Artisan Bread? There’s nothing quite as good as a crusty loaf of Italian or French bread to go with your pasta, soup or salad. Many bakeries now pride themselves on baking fresh high quality breads that taste delicious. Of course, you can pay a pretty penny for these breads, and the question […]

Gluten Free Baking

Cooking for a gluten free diet is not too terribly hard, especially if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. There are decent versions of things like pasta, and you can even eat some grains, such as rice. Potatoes are okay, so it’s not like you’re totally giving up all the good starchy carbs […]

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