Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

I don’t normally get to personal but I wanted to say thanks so much to so many of you that continue to pray and inquire about how I am currently feeling. Let me back track for a minute so that you can understand what I am referring too.  In the end of July I made an appoint to see my doctor because I could tell that I had a sinus situation going on because I started having that terrible post nasal drip.  This happens to me a few times a year.  So just like other times I start my course of antibiotics all the while packing to move 2.5 miles down the road.

Moving in August

Starting feeling better on the course of medicine and around the middle of August when I was preparing for the big moving day I realized my throat was feeling a little uncomfortable. I disregarded it quickly and just thought maybe I pulled a muscle in my neck because I carried a lot of boxes up on my shoulder because carrying boxes was not such a great idea since I had just broke my wrist 8 weeks earlier. (uughh is right) Yes, we did hire movers but there are still lots of boxes that have to be shuffled around. Needless to say I went back to the doctor around August 24th to have him check out my neck. It appeared that I still had some lingering sinus situation, he prescribed Bactrim this time and said I’d feel better in 4-5 days all the while the neck is continuing to get painful. On September 1st I took an 80omg Motrin because the pain was getting to be pretty great. I took the Motrin at 3:00pm and at 5:00pm I still felt no relief. I called my doctors cell phone to tell him that I knew something was really wrong. He told me to report to ER immediately and he would meet me there.

ER Vistit

I reported to the ER immediately and of course a little nervous unsure what was really happening. I have always been very healthy. My broken arm was the first bone I ever broke and I have had 4 stitches in my whole life so I’d say that’s pretty healthy. I spent the next 4 hours in the ER by myself because my hubby works evening and I told him just to stay and I would let me know if I needed him to come. They ran all kinds of tests had nose, throat culture, CAT Scan, X-rays, blood drawn and a very high dose of steroids.  The ER Physician Assistant said I’d be feeling better in now time with the steroids. Boy was he right! Problem with steroids is that they just mask the problem. After 4 hours of all my tests coming back good or normal they sent me away saying that I was a medical mystery. Not what you really want to hear when things are not right. The PA also gave me a prescription for more steroids, muscle relaxers and Vicodin to help control the pain.  I went back to my doctor to follow up after the ER visit. He was a little bewildered with all the tests that came back, every thing was normal or good. He now decides he need to refer me to a Nose, Ear and Throat Specialist.

Family SURPRISE Visit

I get my referral and make my appoint for this doctor in the mean time my pain is just increasing. I have my brother-in-law and his wife flying in for a SURPRISE visit which we were planning for 3 months and my hubby had no clue. So here I am just barely getting by in life and I have company coming for 5 days. This is now Sept 9th and my hubby is growing increasing concerned because on this day I can hardly pick up my head. So, I’m hunched over the counter and I asked my husband to please go fill the prescription for the steroids. I gave him every id I own so that I wouldn’t have to go to the store because it was more effort than what I could handle at that moment. I had been taking the Vicodin all this time to help control the pain but the steroids are taken to control the inflammation. Also during this same week my doctor wanted me to take muscle relaxers and just rest so I spent nearly 3 days in bed. Husband returns from the store with those steroids now remember I am only taking these at this point cause my family is arriving at the airport in just 5 hours and I need to get some life back even if it’s only in the interim. I took those pills and started feeling much better all awhile trying to cook. Hubby goes to work and I pick up my guests at the airport.  We had a great time together guest leave after 5 days and I go see the ENT doctor on Sept 15th.

ENT Doctor

My visit to her office was surprise, on that visit she did that test where she puts a camera up your nose an down into your throat. I wasn’t really expecting that procedure. After she’s complete she says I have good news and bad news.  Good news, everything looks good bad news we don’t know what’s the problem. She then requested for me to return to the hospital for more tests…..finally someone wants an Ultrasound of my neck now I can’t get an appoint until Sept. 22nd. I finally get some answers today! I am friends with a nurse at the hospital and she is familiar with my story because she also came to see me when I was in the ER. She had the Doctor review my Ultrasound immediately after the scan was complete. While he is reviewing my results they are taking more blood for more tests. This time the tests are more specific for hormone levels in the  body.  The Doctor that reads my results at the hospital has went fishing with my husband several times. He says it appears that your Thyroid Gland is inflamed and very angry. So I leave the hospital with just a little bit of information for what might be causing my pain.

On Friday Sept 23rd I was up at 5 am with terrible pain so I get out of bed to come down stairs to eat something so I can take my medicine and I literally have a melt down. I begin sobbing cause of the pain and then of course all stress over the last 5 weeks. I call my doctors cell phone at 8 am because the steroid dosage is to low and the pain is unbearable. He told me to get to his office immediately so that he could see me and write me another script for steroids and Lortab (pain med’s). On this visit he tells me that it looks like I have what is known as De Quervain’s thyroiditis which is very RARE:

De Quervain’s Thyroiditis which is aka Subacute Granulomatous Thyroiditis.

Pain – It has also been referred to as “painful subacute thyroidist” which ask me cause I can attest to the pain.

Causes – It appears it can be preceded by an upper respiratory infection.

Now I have heard from both the ENT and my Doctor that they can’t help me anymore because this is out of the scope of their work. I live in Key West which is a very small island with no doctors that specialize in Thyroid problems. So I got an appoint with a doctor on October 10th and he works at the University of Miami. I hope to have more answers to may of my questions in 9 days. I had more blood work done just 2 days ago and my doctor told me yesterday that my Thyroid is overproducing and my body seems to be rejecting the thyroid. I wanted to share my story since so many people have asked about how I am doing or wonder why I have kind of disappeared from many of my social networking sites.

It’s been a long hard road but have been feeling good as long as I’m taking the steroids which have helped with just being able to accomplish life. I am very eager to see the doctor in Miami next week so I can get more answers. I have a new appreciation for people that suffer with true pain. Thanks sincerely for all your prayers! Time for my Recipe!

Frozen Strawberry Popsicle Recipe – adapted from Pier 1 Imports Package


6 oz Strawberries
1.5 oz organic Sugar
10 fl oz. plan yogurt
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
1 tbsp honey
1/2 cup melted chocolate


Wash your fresh strawberries and remove the stem.

Combine all the ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth. Place the strawberry silicone on a baking sheet.

Pour the strawberry into the molds and freeze until firm.

Remove the frozen Popsicle from the silicone. Eat is plain!

Or, dip in the chocolate and place on a plate and return to the freezer.


What might you change in the recipe? I plan to use other fruit the only stinky part is that they will be shaped like a strawberry!

Happy Cooking!

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