Slow Food Movement

The Slow Food Movement has been around for while, decades actually. It’s caught on all over the world, and has really picked up momentum in the last few years as more and more people are concerned about the quality of their food and where it comes from.

What is Slow Food?

If you’re wondering if it is the opposite of fast food, you’re on the right track, because that’s the general idea. Fast food is the bane of a healthy lifestyle. In the beginning the idea of fast food was just that, to be able to get a meal in a hurry when you need it. It has since turned into something more: Cheap, over processed food laden with fat, chemicals, antibiotics, you name it, if it’s bad for you, you’ll probably find it in your burger. Not only is the food itself bad for you, the lifestyle it promotes is toxic as well. Large portions, eating in the car, gobbling it up quicker than it takes to prepare it. With fast food restaurants in nearly every corner of the world, it can be ridiculously cheap and very convenient.

The slow food movement on the other hand is an idea that promotes the exact opposite of that. It’s buying food as close to it’s natural state as possible, as close to home as you can, and preparing it in a way that is respectful to the food itself, as well as those who grow it, cook it and eat it. In other countries, the idea of eating a meal on the run is horrendous. Mealtime is long, lengthy and includes high quality, expertly prepared, healthy food.

Slow food is about our commitment to our food and it’s growers, as well as the environment. It’s about treating animals with dignity and respect, feeding them what they were meant to be eating, and not packing them into cages and farms with no room to move. In turn, we get higher quality, better tasting, and overall better for meat and poultry that we cook in ways that is respectful to the environment and ourselves.

There are various ways you can help this movement grow, starting with simply changing the way you look at food. Look at it like the nourishment for the soul that it should be and not cheap quick fuel that’s eaten mindlessly. There are events all over the world.

The simplest thing to remember about slow food and helping it become a daily reality for everyone is that you vote with your dollars. When you purchase that fast food cheeseburger or super market junk food overdosed with chemicals, you are supporting these industries, and the more people that support them mean the longer they stay around. So whether you volunteer your time or just change your habits, the end result is better food, a better world, and a better you.

What do you think about this movement?

By Chandimal Pathirage


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