Quinoa: The New Super Grain

The real question is “What is Quinoa”? If you’ve never had quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is not really a grain, but actually a seed, and it’s cultivated in South America, where it’s a staple product. Quinoa is trending lately as one of the new super grains.

Cooking quinoa is simple its just like cooking rice, but has a slightly different texture. It can be used anywhere you can use rice or other grains, and has a pretty neutral flavor, unlike a lot of whole grains that have a nutty taste.

If you’re wondering why you should eat it, well there are several reasons. Besides the fact that it’s easy to cook, and really versatile, it’s an amazing product health wise. Quinoa is loaded with nutrition it’s loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals, quinoa is one of the only plant sources that contains a balanced set of essential amino acids for human beings, making it a complete protein. If you eat meat, this probably isn’t a big deal, but for vegetarians this is great, and for many vegetarians and vegans, quinoa is a regular addition to their diets. Another bonus: It’s gluten free.

There are three types of quinoa, white, black and red, although the most common variety is white. Nutritionally, they are all pretty similar, so whatever you find will work.

Quinoa is delicious and easy to cook, and you can use it everything from cold salads to stuffings to soups and stews. Use it as a side dish just as you would rice, and you can even cook it up like oats with some brown sugar and fruit for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. It’s becoming more and more widespread as more people have discovered its health benefits, and it is showing up on grocery store shelves in the form of flour, and even baked into breads.

To get the most out of this delicious grain, use the following tips:

If you can buy it in bulk, this is the most economical way to do so. Since it’s fairly new to some markets, it can be expensive for companies to package and sell it, so if you compare the cost of a package to the cost of bulk, you’ll definitely save by going the bulk route.

While most commercial quinoa comes to the store pre-rinsed, you should rinse bulk quinoa off before cooking, as it is coated with a substance called saponins which makes it taste better and harder to digest.

It can be cooked in a rice cooker just like rice, and is great to cook up in big batches to use throughout the week.

Whatever you use it for, you’ll find quinoa to be great addition to your diet in terms of health, taste and overall variety. Instructions for how to cook quinoa.

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