Mobile Food Trucks: What Are They and Why You Want to Find Them

One of the newest trends in the food world is what they call mobile food trucks. If you’ve ever been to a fair or festival, you’ve undoubtedly seen these selling cotton candy and funnel cakes, but savvy restaurateurs have taken it to a new level by offering everything from tacos to sandwiches to even cupcakes, and they’re doing it everywhere, which means you don’t have to go to the fair to find them.

Mobile food trucks started when chefs realized they could put full size commercial kitchens (well not always) on wheels and essentially sell their goods everywhere. They started in bigger cities like Los Angeles but now you can find them all over the country. There are trucks with bakeries that make cookies and cupcakes on the go and drive them to wherever the people are. Suddenly location is not a problem.

So we know why they’re good for the people making the food, but what about those who are just looking for something tasty to eat?

You can get a wide variety of food cheap and fast. They’re everywhere, and while you used to only be able to get a hot dog after an event, now you may be able to get a gourmet meal without having to go to sit down restaurant, and wait for service, or tip.

You’re buying locally made food from someone that probably cares about the food they’re making and the industry as a whole. Usually this means whatever you’re getting is going to be delicious.

The best way to find mobile food trucks is word of mouth, but you’ll also notice lots of mentions on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. You’ll find them in busy areas, and remember, just because you’ve seen a truck there before doesn’t mean it will be there next time. When you find a vendor you like, talk to the vendor. Find out where they usually are. Look around at different events to see what’s out there, and if you like something, tell people! Mobile truck vendors rely strongly on word of mouth!

Mobile food trucks are big business these days and are a surefire way to find new and interesting food made by people who care.

Have you eaten at mobile food trucks in your area? If so, tell us about it! We’d love to hear about your experiences.

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