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Meatless Monday - Pasties

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If you keep up on food trends at all, you probably know that vegetarianism is a hot topic in the food world these days.  So come back on Monday’s to see our featured meatless dish.

With prices of groceries (and especially meat) skyrocketing, and people also more concerned about their health than ever, it’s no wonder more and more people are trying to go meatless more often. Add that to recent studies that certain farming practices are not very environmentally friendly and you’ve got yourself a hot, if not somewhat controversial topic.

You don’t have to be a strict vegetarian to want to save money, be healthier, or care about the environment. Every little bit counts, and it’s easy to do your part. While Meatless Mondays caught on (with many restaurants offering special menu items on Mondays and even some schools getting on board), you don’t have to go meatless specifically on Mondays or even for an entire day of the week to get the benefits.

You can cut meat out of dishes where it really isn’t necessary, for example having hash browns for breakfast instead of bacon or sausage, or having stir-fry with tofu instead of chicken or beef. We’ve gotten used to adding meat to everything, but a lot of foods, such as pizza and pasta, are delicious with roasted vegetables, and they are healthier to boot. Remember, you can cut the meat wherever you want, even if it’s just a meal here and there to start.

Another added benefit of going meatless once in a while? You’ll discover a lot of different foods that you may not have tried normally, such as all kinds of different vegetables, to high protein grains and beans you may not have eaten. There is a world of possibility out there, yet it’s easy to get stuck in the same routines. Trying to eat less meat spices things up a bit, and will make you a more creative cook and eater.

If you aren’t interested in going meatless at all, there are some things you can do to contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier you. Choosing high quality grass fed meats and poultry from smaller local farms over factory farmed products is one of them. This single thing will make huge different in your health, the health of the environment and even the flavor of your food.

Most people who are actively trying to eat less meat aren’t interested in becoming vegetarians and that’s perfectly fine. When you try to put a label on things, people get defensive and edgy. Make better choices and don’t claim to be something you can’t live up to. We probably will never become a meat free planet, but if each person cut out just a little bit of meat from their diet on a regular basis, we’d be absolutely amazed at the difference it could make.

Have you tried Meatless Mondays? Be sure to check back for our Meatless Monday Recipes.

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