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While I enjoy cooking and for the most part find the act of chopping and shredding and grating therapeutic, sometimes I just want to make my life easier.

That’s where this food processor comes in. Let me tell you a few things I love about this product:

First of all, it has everything you can possibly think of to process food. Three different size bowls, several blades and slicers, and a storage container to hold all those pieces and parts.

It works beautifully. It’s pretty quite all things considered and it’s made really well.

It’s fast and efficient. You won’t find partially chopped onions or sauces that are only so-so smooth. Everything you use it for will come out exactly how you want it. Every time.

It’s super easy to clean. It comes apart pretty easily and there are not many spaces where you’ll find food crusted in later like in other models I’ve used in the past.

It’s got an extra large feed tube. This is great when you want to just stick some vegetables or pour liquids in a hurry.

While this is a overall great processor and I would not trade it for another, I do have to warn you that it is heavy and cumbersome. This doesn’t bother me as to me this is a sign of a long lasting, hard working product, but if you don’t have counter space and you don’t think this is something you’ll use much, this is something to think about.

There is also price to consider. You can buy food processors that range in variety from small and cheap to top of the line professional equipment. While I doubt this is something you’ll find in a lot of high-end professional kitchens, for a home cook, this is great for chopping, shredding and grinding on pretty much a daily basis. For a lot of cooking equipment you get what you pay for and in the case of a food processor, that is definitely the case. This will stand the test of time, while a $50 processor will not last long at all. I know; I’ve owned them. For daily use, something like this is a must.

If you’re not someone who cooks a lot from scratch, there are lesser products out there and those might be food processors that will work better for you. If you are someone who most of the time chops things over opening cans and boxes, then this is definitely a winner.

Do you have a kitchen aid food processor? I found it to be one of the best investments I have made!

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