Giving Homemade Treats as Gifts

If you are tired of spending money on gifts for the holidays, why not try giving away some delicious holiday treats as gifts? There are many options besides your basic cookies, and many are things your guests will love and can use long after the holiday season is over. Read on for some delicious ideas for sweets and savory treats alike.


Try homemade candy. Chocolate covered pretzels, home made caramels, and candied citrus peels make inexpensive and delicious treats that are a twist on cookies.

Popcorn makes a great gift and is easy to create a variety of flavors, easy to package and delicious. Try traditional flavors like caramel or chocolate, but also experiment with cinnamon and other spices. As an added bonus: It’s super inexpensive.

You can layer the dry ingredients to practically any baked good recipe in a mason jar and seal it with a ribbon that has the recipe tied on it. Simply layer sugar, flour, spices and leavening agents. Top with add ins like chips and nuts. Easy, cute and fun. Try holiday favorites like gingerbread or shortbread. You can even do something unexpected like scones.

Homemade biscotti paired with gourmet coffee makes a great gift for a coffee lover.

Homemade hot chocolate mix along with some homemade marshmallows make a decadent cold weather treat anyone would love.


Homemade spiced nuts make a delicious snack, and you can use any variety of nut or spice you have on hand.

Homemade spice mixes and rubs make excellent gifts for those who like to grill or roast meats. Or a spice mix that your recipient can add to olive oil for dipping bread makes a great gift for a bread lover.

You can purchase inexpensive bottles at craft stores and make homemade infused oils.  You can infuse almost any flavor. Fresh and dried herbs, dried peppers, garlic, and even citrus zest make excellent choices.

If you make your own homemade pasta and sauce, a small batch of noodles and a jar of homemade sauce can be an impressive culinary gift.

Home brewed beer and home made wine make excellent gifts as well if you like to do these things in your spare time.

For real foodie friends, how about a jar of preserved lemons along with some homemade olive or pepper relish for a delicious Mediterranean themed gift.

Homemade bread or crackers also make great gifts.

How to package your gifts:

Part of the fun of giving homemade gifts is packaging them, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Look in dollar stores, thrift stores and other discount type stores for interesting and unique looking packages. Think about what you’re making. Bottles are great for oils; you can put coffee beans in a large coffee mug, or use cute little tins for herbs and spices. Be creative and think outside the box.

What If You’re Making Something That Needs To Be Shipped?

Shipping food items can be a bit  more difficult to package and ship than other items, but it’s not impossible. First and foremost, think about what you are shipping and pack accordingly. Glass bottles and jars should be well wrapped and everything should be tightly sealed.

Make sure when you take your items to the post office that you tell them if they include liquids or perishables, as they’ll take extra precautions. For fragile items, make sure to note that on your packaging.

If possible, choose items that will last a while for those who live far away. Bread is probably not the best option, although homemade candy or spices is probably fine. In any case, you should try to get your items to their destination as quickly as possible, and keep in mind that during the holidays, the mail might be slower than usual.

There you have it! You can easily make homemade gifts for foodies, or just family and friends who would enjoy the fruits of your culinary labor.

Have you made any delicious treats as gifts? Share your comments below!

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