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If you’re watching your weight, going to a party can be a nightmare. Most party fare is pretty unhealthy. Loaded with cheese, sugar and fat and calories, we want food that tastes delicious to serve to our guests so they’ll rave about our cooking. What better way to do that than tasty high calorie treats?

So what if you want to host a gathering, and you don’t want to serve typical high calorie foods, but you also want people to enjoy what they’re eating?

It is possible. Read the following tips:

Chips and dips are standard party fare, but you can make them healthier. Make flavorful dips like unique salsas with fruit or hummus. Serve these with raw veggies or whole wheat pita bread. If the dips are tasty enough, your guests won’t care if they’re eating them with veggies.

Instead of a high fat meaty chili, try having a spicy and flavorful veggie one. There are plenty of stews and chili recipes thar are flavorful and satisfying for even meat eaters.

For an appetizer for a dinner party, try broth based soups. If they’re full of veggies, even better. They’re filling and healthy, and will please just about everybody.

If making pasta, try using whole grain varieties. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference, especially if they’re in a sauce.

Don’t forget the power of the grill, and not just for hamburgers and hot dogs. Anything can be grilled, including vegetables and even desserts. Grilling is a much lower fat way to cook that will keep guests satisfied.

Make salads and vegetable sides with fresh, in season produce for maximum flavor and appearance.

Use flavorful ingredients that are also healthy like olives, artichokes, or sundried tomatoes.

Use greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and high flavor ingredients like garlic, ginger, onions and fresh herbs instead of salt and fat.

Try fresh fruit for desserts. Grilled peaches, fresh berries with whipped cream and mint are all delicious and will please just about anyone. Even low sugar fruit or pumpkin pies are better choices than high fat rich desserts like cake or cookies.

You can have a healthy party that doesn’t have guests walking out hungry. With a little imagination and planning, you’re guests will be not be able to wait until your next party.

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