Cook’s Illustrated’s “The Best Light Recipe”

As a self-professed serious cook, I tend to find recipes anywhere and everywhere; online, cookbooks, cooking magazines, or newspapers. Very often, something sounds great, and I rush out to buy ingredients, spend hours cooking, only to be disappointed again and again. Even a lot of cookbooks have somewhat inconsistent results, but there are some that […]

Vitamix Review

When you look at the cost of the Vitamix blender, you may think it’s a crazy purchase. But hear me out before dismissing it. A Vitamix is anything but a blender. Yes, it is in fact a blender in both appearance and function, but it is so much more. A quick rundown of the things […]

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

Those who care about cooking know that while skills and techniques are important, using high quality cookware can very often be the difference between okay results and those that are simply amazing. I’ve always wanted a piece of Le Creuset cookware, and I had my eye on one of their fabulous Dutch ovens for a […]

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