Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe

The Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe is pretty easy and healthy to prepare.  If you omit the oil and simmer the veggies in the tomatoes then it cuts out the fat. This recipe was adapted from a magazine GreatLife Sept 2002….this is the only page I have to the magazine. I love using porcini mushrooms in […]

Seafood Stew Recipe

This Seafood Stew recipe is mouth watering. Easy to make and your guests will be impressed making you look like a star chef.

Chili Recipes: Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Chili Recipes my favorite Vegetarian Chili Recipe with no oil and not much fat. We do a lot of couples cooking in our kitchen and we were looking to make something that wasn’t to complicated plus we wanted it to be healthy for my Meatless Monday post.  We serve this Vegetarian 3 Bean Chili over […]

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