Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

It seems like everywhere I look these days, I’m meeting someone new who has hopped on the gluten free bandwagon. There are many reasons for this, whether it be celiacs, a child on the autistic spectrum (it is said that removing gluten from an autistic child’s diet can greatly reduce the symptoms) or just because […]

The Ins and Outs of Gluten Free Living

You probably know someone who is on a gluten free diet, whether because they have a condition known as Celiacs, or they are just on the gluten free bandwagon. Whatever the reason, it’s become clear from looking at grocery store shelves that gluten free living is not something that’s going away anytime soon. For those […]

Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe

The Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe is pretty easy and healthy to prepare.  If you omit the oil and simmer the veggies in the tomatoes then it cuts out the fat. This recipe was adapted from a magazine GreatLife Sept 2002….this is the only page I have to the magazine. I love using porcini mushrooms in […]

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