Meatless Monday: Part 2

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Meatless Monday movement that is sweeping the country (and even the world). You may have even tried it, but do you really know all the benefits of a vegetarian diet? For starters, most vegetarians will tell you that they are amazed at the different types of foods they […]

Meatless Monday: The Effect of Meat on the Environment

With vegetarianism becoming all the rage with those who are health conscious or care about animal welfare, you probably know all the reasons to cut back on your meat consumption for your health. But what about the effects mass produced meat has on the environment? Factory farming and the livestock industry is one of the […]

Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe

The Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe is pretty easy and healthy to prepare.  If you omit the oil and simmer the veggies in the tomatoes then it cuts out the fat. This recipe was adapted from a magazine GreatLife Sept 2002….this is the only page I have to the magazine. I love using porcini mushrooms in […]

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