Hot Chocolate: Making Your Own Version Of Your Favorite Starbucks Drink

As most of you who read this blog regularly probably know by now, I love my Starbucks. In fact, it is my go to treat on days where I’m super busy or stressed out and just need a cup of comfort to cheer me up. Unfortunately as I have mentioned previously, while these hot drinks […]

Starbucks Makeover – Mocha Frappuccino

While coffee is usually thought of as a hot morning beverage to give you that jump start to your day, those who frequent Starbucks know that coffee can be a perfect pick me up treat any time of the day. Yes, the weather is hot and humid about this time of year in most places, […]

Healthier Version of Starbucks Vanilla Latte

Healthier Version of Starbucks Vanilla Latte the second in a series of posts.  Our first version was a Cafe Mocha. One of my favorite Starbucks drinks is a rich and creamy, slightly sweet vanilla latte. Starbucks offers their “healthy” version, which is just sugar free syrup and skim milk. Since artificial sweeteners don’t interest me […]

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